BAFHA Cup Rules

Player Eligibility
1. All players must be current members of the USFHA

2. Players (except for goalies) may only play for one team during the entire BAFHA Cup. Players may not play for one team during the first round and then play for another team in following rounds. Whichever team the player plays for first, that will be considered the players team.

3. Goalies are exempt from rule 2 above, provided they are playing in goal.

In the event of a tie the teams will go directly to the designated stroke-off area and will use the following procedure:

a) A coin will be tossed to determine which team shall have choice to stroke or to defend first.

b) Five strokers from each team roster will alternately take strokes

c) If still tied, the same five strokers will take strokes in a sudden victory format, though the order of the strokers may be changed. A winner is declared when one team has scored more goals than the other during equal number of strokes.

1. Any player receiving a red card in a game is suspended from the remainder of the game in which the offense occurred AND the team’s next scheduled game.

2. Umpires will notify a member of the BAFHA Executive of any red card issued immediately after the game in which it was issued.

3. Upon recommendation of the umpire, or based upon the severity of the infraction, the BAFHA Executive Officers will determine the player’s eligibility for further participation in the BAFHA Cup beyond the one game suspension. Any team using a disqualified player shall forfeit the game in which the disqualified player was a participant and the disqualified player shall be immediately ejected from the BAFHA Cup.